The long march to Islamabad from Lahore and sit-in is scheduled to commence 13th Jan. As with all such public manifestations the government has issued a warning about security threats and have implemented safety measures.

What is known:

Departure Lahore 09h00 13th Jan arrival late night in Islamabad

Protest in Islamabad 14th Jan on Constitution Avenue

Law Enforcement plans to divert participants to F-9 Islamabad away from Constitution Avenue

Planned Route from Lahore to Islamabad: GT Road & M-2 Motorway on board buses, trucks, cars and motorbikes

Educational Institutes to remain closed in Rawalpindi & Islamabad on 14th Jan

Red Zone to be sealed from 13th Jan until deemed necessary

Blue Area shops will remain closed 13th & 14th Jan

What is anticipated:

Mobile phone service disruption in Islamabad and other cities along the Route

Lack of public transport.

Shortage of fuel (Islamabad has witnessed a rush at fuel stations since 10/01)

Traffic blockades in particular on Entry/Exit points of Islamabad

Security checks

Local holiday in Islamabad

Though the long march though constantly been declared to be a non-violent protest the chances of skirmishes, sudden violent bouts can not be ruled out. Avoid all unnecessary movement for the duration of the protest. Keep emergency numbers handy and pre-plan any emergency response procedures among family/friends.

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