Here are some tips to keep you safe at Home this Winter.

ALWAYS Have a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors and make sure they work!
ALWAYS Have your heating system checked by a professional annually
– If you heat by wood ALWAYS clean your fireplace, chimney before first use of the season
– If you heat by gas ALWAYS pipes, clamps, heaters should be checked for leaks
ALWAYS Replace defective heater materials immediately and avoid repair
ALWAYS Inspect and flush your water heater before first use of the season
ALWAYS Make sure your home is properly insulated
ALWAYS close off rooms you do not use to minimize heating needs
ALWAYS Insulate water pipes – can use wrapping paper around & covering with plastic
ALWAYS Make sure you and your family knows how to shut off the water, in case pipes burst
NEVER try to thaw a pipe with an open flame or torch
ALWAYS be careful of the potential for electric shock in and around standing water
NEVER run generators indoors
ALWAYS Open a window slightly when using a kerosene heater
NEVER use charcoal indoors for heating
NEVER use a gas oven to heat your home
ALWAYS keep a screen around an open flame
NEVER use gasoline to start your fireplace
ALWAYS keep curtains, towels and potholders away from hot surfaces
ALWAYS refuel heating equipment outdoors and only when the unit is cool
ALWAYS Keep the heater at least three feet away from furniture and other flammable objects
ALWAYS Establish a well-planned escape route with the entire family in case of a Fire
ALWAYS keep an emergency kit which includes a torch handy
– Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include sleepiness, headaches and dizziness
– If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning ALWAYS ventilate the area and get to a hospital

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