The trauma of being mugged or robbed is never easy to overcome and the situation is compounded when you don’t take immediate remedial measures.


The first and foremost thing is to identify all the possible items that you’ve been deprived off and then proceed with the actions listed against each item:


DOWNLOAD: Lost Items Checklist



–          Immediately file Police Report (Not FIR) for loss of CNIC

–          Issue replacement CNIC from NADRA (police report not required)

–          School/College/University/Office ID cards loss notify relevant contact immediately (prevent others from using to collect children from school)



–          Immediately file Police Report  (Not FIR)

–          Issue replacement from Driving License Branch

  • Copy of Police report to be submitted (original shown)
  • Copy of lost license required



–          Immediately file FIR (First Information Report)

–          Issue replacement from Passport Office of the City mentioned in your CNIC

  • Original & Copy of CNIC required
  • Original & Copy of FIR
  • Copy of lost Passport (if available)

–          Inform all Embassy/Consulates of the loss in case a valid visa was on the passport

–          Retain copies of all FIR, letter to Embassy for future visa processing



–          Immediately call Bank Helpline and Block the Card

  • Have Card Number available
  • In case you don’t have Debit/Credit Card number then provide CNIC number



–          Immediately call the Bank Helpline and inform of loss

–          Visit the Bank Branch to obtain replacements



–          Immediately Call the Police Helpline and inform of the loss

–          File a written complaint (Police Report) with the relevant police station

–          Inform your Insurance company

–          In case of company provided vehicles inform the relevant internal contact


Mobile & SIM

–          Immediately call the concerned Mobile Operator and block the Sim

–          Replacement SIM will only be provided to the registered owner of the Sim

–          Inform relevant internal contact if Mobile & Sim are provided by the company



–          House keys if lost must immediately be changed

–          Office keys loss must be reported to internal contact & changed if necessary


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