Chelum linked traffic plan for M.A.Jinnah is expected to be effective midnight Wednesday/Thursday and last until the end of the processions late evening Thursday 3rd Jan 2013. On 3rd Jan feeder processions from other parts of the city are expected to commence early in the day. Prepare for unannounced temporary closure while the feeder processions pass through the various areas.



* map published by Express Tribune

Security Measures to be expected:

– Road Blocks/Diversions as per map.

– Pillion Ridding Ban from late night Wednesday 2nd Jan until late night Thursday 3rd Jan.

– Closure of shops, restaurants, businesses, petrol pumps & public places on M.A.Jinnah Road from Tuesday evening.

– Mobile phone ban on 3rd Jan 2013 (early morning to late night)

– Ban on display/carrying of weapons

– Snap security checks by various law enforcement agencies

What you must do:

– Carry original valid ID documents on person

– Keep valid vehicle documents (license, registration, authority letter)

– Fill fuel tank (Petrol, CNG)

– Do not argue or challenge law enforcement officers, be courteous and comply with their orders

– Ensure landline numbers of key contacts (personal/official/authorities) are available

– Smart phone users install Viber/Skype/Whatsapp all work over WiFi

– Tune in to media (tv, radio) for latest news

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