120 million connections in nearly two decades is a phenomenal success of the mobile industry in Pakistan.  On the flip side we’re also well aware that mobile loss’ an equally large industry particularly in Karachi.



The one clear fact is that whatever the reason for the loss the inconvenience caused can easily be reduced or altogether eliminated (except financial loss) if certain measures are taken.


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For SIM Security:

Ensure the SIM in use is properly registered with the concerned operator.

Check Your Number Ownership  on All Networks Simply Send A Blank SMS To 667

Check the number of SIMs registered against your CNIC by sending a SMS to 668 with your CNIC number.

–          Check regularly

–          Inform concerned operator in writing to block all unauthorized numbers


Mobile Handset Security:

Keep a note of the the IMEI number in a safe place. To obtain IMEI enter *#06#  on your handset. You can also get IMEI number from the back of your cell phone’s packing.

Backup the phone data; a great help even if your switching phones or an existing phone needs to be formatted.  Items that you can backup : phone book, emails, sms, images, videos etc

Delete confidential information stored on the device and memory cards. Items that must not be stored are family photos, videos, sms/emails with Pin Codes, Bank Details, Addresses, and Passwords etc.

Log out of Banking & Shopping Sites (credit/debit card data)

Lock the phone at all times when not in use. If possible install software that will lock folders/files.

When travelling always secure phone out of sight & avoid use particularly while driving or stopped at signals.

If at all there’s a need to operate a cell phone while using a vehicle, then pull over wherever safe to do so or use a hands free connection.

Always ensure phone battery is sufficiently charged.

Keep a spare Emergency Use ONLY mobile in a safe location in your home/vehicle with key contacts stored.

Smart phone users should install remote tracking and wiping software.

Smart phone users can enable Auto Wipe if incorrect password entered several times. (Blackberry & Iphone)




Actions to be taken when a mobile has been lost/stolen:



Block the SIM: call the mobile co.

TELENOR:  From a PTCL number 111-345-100 short code from a Telenor number 345

WARID: From a PTCL number 111-111-321 short code from a Warid number 321

MOBILINK: From a PTCL number 111-300-300 Short code from a Mobilink number 111

UFONE: From a PTCL number 111-333-100 Short code from a UFONE number 333

ZONG: From a PTCL number 111-222-111 short code from a ZONG number 310

Smart Phone Users change passwords of all emails and/or any account that was saved to the device.



Use back up Emergency Phone to inform family/office of the loss.

Report loss to the Police

For Karachi only you can also report loss to CPLC  on

Phone: 021-35662222; Fax: 021-35683336; Web:  http://www.cplc.org.pk/theft_form.php

Follow CPLC for Information on Twitter @CPLCsindh

Report loss to PTA

 Toll Free number 0800-25625 or Email: ptaimei@pta.gov.pk

7 thoughts on “Mobile Phone & SIM Security in Pakistan”
  1. A) enable auto wipe if incorrect password entered too many times.
    Both blackberry and iPhone will do this.

    B) install apps which will enable remote wiping of phone to factory state.

    Feeling like batman ?
    C) install tracing apps will give you gps location, take background photos,etc

  2. A very useful instructions which must be ensured while using mobile.
    While travelling it should be on vibrate mode and a spare mobile (second hand) can save your actual mobile carrying bags of information.

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