Commuting in areas  that are crime infested and subject to sudden unrest is always a challenge. Road Rage, Rash driving and Muggers add to the nuisance.

Here are a set of easy to practice Commuting Do’s & Don’ts that you should know.

REMEMBER even if you’ve called upon the authorities, friends, family & colleagues to aid you there will be a delay in response.  The time taken to respond is dependent on many factors and it is key that you help yourself until aid has arrived.

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5 thoughts on “Fed up of Road Rage Muggers Security Checks – Here’s a guide on how to Commute Safely.”
  1. In 1 month, I’ve seen 3 muggins at traffic signals in dha phase 5, namely Khe shamsheer, 26th street and Khe Shahbaz. Every time I was in middle lane as suggested by @norbalm hence safe 🙂 The lane on the extreme right has always been the easy target for these pigs!!

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