Here’s my advice to intending voters on how to stay safe and secure on May 11 2013.


Voter Safety by @norbalm from norb alm on Vimeo.


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23 thoughts on “Safety Tips for Voters”
  1. “Cast your vote early morning” – Is this good advice? Considering this:

    don’t you think it will be better wait and see what happens in the morning and go at a later time, because the morning is when “they” are likely to conduct terrorist activities to scare and discourage more people from visiting the polling stations?

    1. There are pros and cons to voting in such a climate. They could strike at any given time the benefits of early morning include the higher alertness of those tasked with security compared to later in the day.

  2. I personally think you should not take your whole family with you.Go in small groups(two or three ppl) and You should not go alone either.

  3. I tend to partially agree with Bisharat. Wait & See policy for the “Most Sensitive/Sensitve” polling stations. Let that “Fear Of Unknown” to settle down and than decide but MUST VOTE. Morning initiative OK for the Normal declared staions.It takes some time for the security people also to streamline their procedures. Morning time is Confusion time also from the security safeguards perspective. My personal experience!!

  4. The best protection against all the risks stated is stay home,none of these crooks deserve to be voted for .Does anyone want to vote in a new demolition Pakistan squad to start all over again .Mr Horse Grin is having his last laugh and preparation for the feast for Saturday night has started.If you stay home you will at least not feel guilty of bringing him the rascal back in

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