In this day and age the evils of society cannot be stressed enough as clichéd as it may sound.  Danger maybe right around the corner and I mean that literally. Since children are the easiest targets, the guardians should readily converse with their children from the time they can speak and understand words about the dangers and the precautions they can take to avoid grave situations.


Here are some basic tips which guardians should take:

1)    Never leave your children alone with your servants. A common practice is to send a child alone for walks with drivers, or to send the drivers alone to pick the children from school.

2)      If children are taking a school van, they should be familiar with the route the van will take and told to be on alert if they notice some deviation from it.

3)    Schools should be informed of who is authorized to pick up the child in the parent/guardian absence, giving the names and copies of CNIC of the authorized person. If a child seems hesitant and unfamiliar with the person picking them, the parent/guardian should be informed by the school.

4) The CNIC copy of your servant should be submitted to all the police stations nearby and check for any criminal record.

5)    Instructors who come to your house to teach your children shouldn’t be left unattended and should be under constant observation.

6)   The child should be taught not to talk to strangers and not to go with anyone, unless the parents have permitted them. This applies to family members as well. Blood relatives are very capable of causing harm to the child, especially because they are in a position to do so with ease.

7)    Eatables given from strangers should be discouraged.

8)    They should be taught who is allowed to touch them and who is not, and if somebody touches them in the way that makes them uncomfortable, they should not be afraid to tell the parents/guadians or teachers.

9)    Pay attention if the child is telling you that he/she does not want to be with certain someone.

10)   Take notice if there is a change in their behavior.

11)   Pay attention if there is unnecessary affection or attention being shown towards your child by someone.

12)   Do not let your children drive if they are under 18 and do not have a driving license.

13)   Make sure you know where your children are at all times. Know their friends and introduce yourself to the parents/guardians and keep their phone numbers. Be clear with them about the places and homes they may visit.

14)   Tell them to keep you informed when they reach or leave a certain place and also if they are running late.

15)   Teach them that they have a right to say no or refuse any unwelcomed gestures, and they should be taught to scream, kick and resist by creating sounds.

16)   In case of emergency in a public place like a park or a mall, children should be made aware of the people they can seek for help.



About the Author: Aaliya Javed is a freelance writer who can be found tweeting at @aaliyajaved


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