Each year the use of firecrackers at weddings, new years, sporting events and religious occasions grows. Unfortunately with this unchecked growth (despite official bans) the number of casualties also rises.  The most common injuries suffered are from burns and shrapnel from exploding crackers. While most injuries are easily treated at general hospital emergency wards, fire burns beyond first degree are treated at special burns hospitals. Therefore in case of an emergency clearly inform the ambulance service on the nature of the injury that they may rush you to the appropriate hospital.


Handling firecrackers


Have adult supervision of children around firecrackers

Light firecrackers outdoors, as they are potential fire hazards

Light one firecracker at a time

Have a bucket of water nearby

Tie by hack hair

Wear some eye protection when handling fire crackers

After firecrackers stop burning soak them with water before disposing



Hold a firecracker while lighting it

Pick up failed firecrackers, they can still explode

Never re-light a failed cracker

Bend directly over firecrackers while lighting them

Wear loose clothing while handling or around firecrackers

Throw firecrackers at passing people or vehicles

Point firecrackers towards homes


Accidents do happen and sometimes injuries may occur despite all the precautions. Here are some things you can do in case it does happen:


For minor burns from firecrackers:

Run Cool/Tap water over the affected area

Do not apply ointments or creams


Cover the injured area with a clean, dry cloth or bandage

When area larger than the size of the palm is affectedSeek medical attention immediately: 

Burn extends beyond skin

Eyes are involved



For injuries from firecracker explosions:

Cover the affected part with a clean cloth; try to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on it

Immediately take the patient to an Emergency Clinic/Hospital




2 thoughts on “Firecracker Safety”
  1. Well Used Norbert, practicable tips, few things i would recommend here are:
    * If you hear a loud bang or blast, please do not risk staying in the open and take cover behind a solid object like a wall etc.
    * If there is a loud bang or blast around you, remain calm and extricate yourself and any others that you see from the situation.
    * DO NOT MULL ABOUT to see what happens and how will it turn out, you will find via the media anyway..
    * Remember Glass will shatter if its near enough so take extra care when in a car near a window pane to save your face from reconstructive surgery.
    * If you are on scene, inform the first aid or any police of exactly what you saw and then make a beeline of getting away from there fast.
    The above tips are just to safeguard you after the incident for damage control.

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