Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) related crime’s a worldwide phenomenon. The nature may vary from rigging an ATM to obtain the necessary data to withdraw funds or to simply assault the person using the ATM and grab their cash. So if you fear being mugged while using  an ATM there’s no shame in it.



ATM Theft from norb alm on Vimeo.



Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while transacting at an ATM anywhere in the world.


The most important aspect is to select the right ATM.

–          Use a terminal which is inside a bank location wherever possible

  • Machine tampering is detected more quickly
  • Guard is present in most cases 24/7
  • Facility is well lit
  • Security cameras installed & monitored 24/7
  • Cubicle has locking facility
    • Keeps others out while you are using the ATM


–          Use an ATM  in a mall or grocery store

  • Be aware of the public around
    • Persons unnecessarily loitering around
  • Look for  visible signs of tampering with the ATM
    • Bank monitoring is limited in comparison to terminal at a bank branch
  • Ensure personal belongings also secured
    • Put cash in pockets/bag quickly
    • Do not count cash at the terminal in sight of others
    • Pickpockets highly active in crowded spaces pose added risk


–          General Guidance while at the ATM

  • Arrive prepared
    • Have card ready
    • Cash in envelope sealed for deposit
  • Minimize time at the terminal
  • Never allow unknown person to enter the cubicle with you
  • Cover the keyboard while entering the (PIN) Personal Identification Number
  • If the card is swallowed by the terminal, do not leave the ATM unattended. Call the bank helpline from the phone, or a bank employee if within a branch
  • Do not re-enter PIN if the terminal swallows the card. Call the Bank helpline immediately
  • If the card gets stuck in the terminal be suspicious of strangers offering assistance
  • If you sense or see something suspicious, cancel your transaction and immediately notify the Bank Helpline
  • Always secure your cash immediately by placing on person or in bag/wallet.
  • Split large sums of currency on person and in bag/wallet
  • Always take your receipt for your transaction
  • Never share your PIN or Account Information with anyone including Bank Staff.
  • If you lose or misplace the ATM immediately report the loss to the Bank and block the card.
  • Finally do not forget to take your card


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