Skin is the largest organ of the body. Thus it is natural that changes in weather tend to have significant effects on it. Some of these effects, however, prove to be a source of discomfort for people regardless of age, gender or profession. Discussed below are a few tips to help you keep your skin healthy, fresh & beautiful during the winter season.


The keyword for skin care during winters is “HYDRATION” . Most skin problems in winter arise due to dryness of skin. This can be avoided by using a good quality moisturizing cream or lotion frequently not only on the affected areas but all over the face & body.

Using mild, glycerin based neutral pH soaps is also recommended for bathing as well as washing hands. Anti-bacterial soaps are best avoided as they can lead to dryness of the skin.

While bathing it is advisable to avoid using very hot water as it can cause damage to the skin and dryness.

Those individuals who perform household chores like washing dishes, clothes etc should take extra care of their hands by limiting exposure to harsh chemicals present in washing powders, soaps and liquids & by immediately washing hands afterwards with the recommended soap and applying a generous amount of moisturizer.

For children who have sensitive skin it is advisable that they avoid direct skin contact with polyester and wool. However such fabrics can be used if cotton clothes are worn underneath to prevent direct contact with skin.

Dryness of skin is also aggravated by certain physical / medical conditions like old age, diabetes etc. Such individuals should take extra care of their skin during winters.

For those who are regularly exposed to the sun do not forget or stop using sunblock during winters as solar rays which damage the skin continue to reach the surface of the earth.


So if at this point you are thinking “WHY SHOULD I PREVENT DRYING OF SKIN?”.

Here are a few reasons

Dryness of skin besides causing itching, eczematization & discomfort can also lead to bacterial infections.

It is also an associated cause of early appearance of wrinkles.

Dry skin is more prone to damage then well moisturized / oily skin.


So make your winter enjoyable by following these simple skin care tips because a healthy skin reflects a healthy mind & body.

These are general skin care tips. In case of severe / deteriorating skin problems one should always seek advice of a qualified and authentic dermatologist.


The Author Dr. Naveed H. Alvi is a Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist. He can be contacted on Twitter @nav_derm or by Email


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